Sagittarius 2015 Horoscope

You’ve been through enormous personal changes in the last few years, dear Sagittarius, and ideally you have connected with what really motivates you and “makes you tick”. 2015 brings pleasing social interactions, plenty of opportunities to learn and improve your skills, and a changing attitude towards money and income. While there could be a lot of backtracking, review, and rethinking in the love arena, we don’t expect any major breakups or major new beginnings either. Romance really moves ahead, however, from April 24-May 31. This is a power period for your love life. Most of you will be having a blast. Some rigidity in your career could create challenges in your home life.

The urge to rebel against conditions that you have previously accepted is strong, especially for those born December 12-19. Towards the end of the year, and particularly for Sagittarians born early in the sign (from November 22-27), friendships begin to go through some tests. This “clean up” is only beginning and will continue for a couple of years. It’s designed to weed out the superficial friendships and to strengthen those that truly matter. Financially speaking, it’s mostly smooth sailing, except for some challenges in November. Open up a “dream come true” account for yourself, as money is tied to your sector of hopes and dreams for much of the year.
2015 is a fabulous year for learning, work in communications, and networking. Plenty of opportunities arise on intellectual lines, as well as on the home front. Some of you will have your eye on a dream home, and many of you will be enjoying pleasing family connections and support.

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