2016 Leo Love Horoscope

When we talk about the real nature of the crabs, then we know that crabs live along the coast which is one of the most horrible and dramatically changing place of Earth and they flourish there alone. Likewise, the Leo people are similar to their counterparts and hence they have the ability to adopt changes occurring around them according to their needs which protect them against threats. This quality of Leo people are going to more prominently utilized this year 2016 in terms of developing a strong relationship without compromising with their desires. From emotional point of view, the year 2016 is going to be the most intense year as compared to the previous year. Leo people are predicted to come across many fundamental awakenings in the coming year 2016. Due to the frustrations they have faced in the last year, they will have the ability to achieve more and… Continue Reading

Leo 2016 Horoscope

2016 is likely to be a banner year for relationships, connecting with a significant other, and work with the public, dear Leo. Some of you will form a partnership that either leads to marriage or is otherwise significant, some will enhance an existing close relationship, and most will derive much joy from their relationships with significant others. New partners met this year are likely to feel much like a breath of fresh air. Challenging relationships, or challenges in relationships, tend to be left behind. 2016 is a commitment-friendly year for you. Some of you will be taking a casual affair to a whole new level. Romance becomes a little more serious, but “fun-serious”. Many of you will fall in love, or re-commit to a current lover. You continue to buckle down with money this year. Matters are not moving quickly when it comes to personal finances—in fact, there can be… Continue Reading

2016 Leo Monthly Horoscope

Jan-Feb-Mar 2016 Horoscope January commences putting an end to some problem related to progeny. Spouse/partner may be reeling under depression. It would be better if any new plans are not implemented this month. There is great support and cooperation extended by the family. Health remains affected in the first fortnight of February. You take great interest in performance of religious activities. You may experience dissatisfaction regarding your financial condition and may be gripped by a strange fear. You are able to make new headways with guidance from wise men at work. Even though profits register an increase, expenses mount leaving no room for breathers.   Apr-May-Jun 2016 Horoscope The later half of April proves to be better in terms of financial gains and health. You receive some kind of support from brothers. Addition of commodities of material comfort is indicated. Health improves in May. Some gain is also indicated through inheritance… Continue Reading

2016 Leo Sex Horoscope

During the beginning phase of the year of 2016 and it’s harmonious aspect of transiting Sun to Venus Leo’s sensuous and affectionate feelings will be accentuated, that is to say, will be expressed clearly; without shyness, disguise or any complex. You now are sure of your feelings and need to revitalize them by sharing them openly with your mate, Leo. There is a better understanding between you and your loved one, since you experience that through your love relationship your own personal limits are transcended. If you already have someone or are married, use this chance to reaffirm your love for them, since that revitalizes the feelings for both of you. As we know, sexuality is developed on several levels. Even though the regular physical activity is more desirable, one must not forget that the other facets (psychic, mental and spiritual) are much more important in the relationship of a… Continue Reading

2016 Leo Health Horoscope

Health wise, Leos are going to face minor health problems in the coming year 2016. As per Leo Health Forecasts 2016, these people are advised to indulge in moderate exercises regularly. Some circulatory problems are expected to arise for Leos in the last quarter of 2016. This year the Leos will also succeed in shedding some extra weight. Health will be under duress for most part of the year. There will be many mental battles to be fought. Stress could lead to elevated blood pressure levels. There is the likelihood of your feeling of alienation that makes you depressive. There will be expenditure incurred on health. There could be ongoing problem of diabetes, thyroid or liver mal-function. There will be issues due to some genetic problem. There could also be ailments stemming from imbalance of wind, low blood pressure and pain in the knees. There is also a possibility of… Continue Reading